TCMC – Tri-County Mother's Connection


What is the registration fee?

  • You can register for $10. You may need to be put on the waiting list if there are no seller spots open. We always have people who can not sell so we will call the next person on the waiting list.  CONTACT US EARLY!  😀


How much money do I make on what I sell?

  • You keep 80% of your total sales.
  • Volunteer to work on Saturday during the sale & keep 90% of your total sales.


Do I have to use plastic hangers, and do I get them back?

  • Yes, you must use totally plastic hangers for clothing sold in the sale.  No, your hanger is sold with the item.


How many items can I sell?

  • Each seller gets 100 tags for items.
  • You can group items together, such as using a rubber band to group an outfit together to count as 1-item.


Is there a difference between Spring/Summer sale and the Fall/Winter sale?

  • Yes, we do seasonal sales.   The Spring/Summer sale is going to have shorts, t-shirts, swimming suits, etc…  The Fall/Winter sale is going to have snow boots, hats, gloves, sleds, etc….


Do sellers & workers get to shop early on the day of the sale?

  • Yes,  Sellers shop at 8:00AM on sale day.   Workers shop at 7:30AM sale day.


More questions? Want to register to be a seller?

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TCMC is ministry of Victory Church located in Fairborn, Ohio

2443 Valle Greene Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324

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